2017 NILOA POE and Mechanics

2017 NCAA Rules

2017 NCAA Rules Test and Answer Sheet

2017 THSLL Rules (Complete) / 2017 THSLL (Excerpts)

2017 DFW Youth (5678) Rules

2017 DFW Bantam Rules (1234)

Youth Vouchers - For Youth We Email Vouchers to Program Payment Administrators. Home team pays the Referee, Visitor Pays Umpire. For 1/2 games you Voucher both teams $22.50. Voucher should include the following items Game Amount, Game Date, Game Time, Home Team, Visiting Team, Field, Your Name, Your Address Your City, ST, Zip and Cell. For the Game Info, just copy from Arbiter and paste into email, add the Game Fee and your address details, then send to Pay Administrator. See Attached Sample. YOUTH DOES NOT PAY TRAVEL.

2017 Youth Pay Administrators - this is your 2017 Youth Pay Administrator list. Highlight programs are changes from 2016. Updated 2/23/2017

High School Vouchers - 2017 Rates $76 for Varsity game; $66 for JV game. Use Paper Vouchers. Hand your Voucher to the Referee and he will hand to the Home Team Coach (or Administrator)  at time of Pregame Coaches Conference. Travel is $5 for One-Way over 30 Miles and $10 for One-Way Travel over 40 miles.

Sample 4 Up Paper Voucher - SAVE THIS TO YOUR LOCAL DEVICE, OPEN WITH ACROBAT. Fill In name, it will replicate to all four vouchers. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH MS Edge Browser.

Sample Excel Voucher 

Certification Cards 3 Man Crews - Save to local drive and open in Acrobat NOT MS Edge

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Two Man Mechanics - PowerPoint

Two Man Mechanics Manual

Three Man Mechanics - PowerPoint Caution Old F/O and Rotation Mechanics (2014)

Three Man Mechanics Manual

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